Playground Card Page Info

This page refers to the two page layout in the drawing book, I thought it would be more helpful if I explained all of the colors.

I did this page all in one color using the Cricut Wine marker. If you would like each image to be a different color, I did change them all in the file. Here are the colors. You do not need to follow these colors, this is so you can use it as a guide so when it draws you will know what image it is and then you can pick the color you would like.

For the page on the left:
  • boy with football (midnight)
  • tree (copper metallic)
  • sun (blue metallic)
  • boy (wine)
  • balloon (gemstone blue)
  • wave (jade)
  • clouds (violet metallic)
  • horse (silver metallic)
  • grass (pink crystal)
For the page on the right:
  • slide (silver metallic)
  • girl with dog (midnight)
  • sandbox (violet metallic)
  • swing (wine)
  • grass (gemstone blue)
  • wave (pink crystal)
  • girl with jump rope (blue metallic)
  • tree (gold metallic)
  • clouds (jade)


I recommend using the fine point tip markers for the people.

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