May 16, 2015

Tic Tac Toe

Hi everyone
Happy Saturday To Ya

Today I am sharing a Make It Now project with you that is not only easy but also fun, and great for the little ones.

I used the Cricut Craft Foam to make this fun game, I thought a CD holder would be the perfect for storage as well.

I made the cover using the Don Juan font and the Print Then Cut feature.
(you can make this personalized if you want)

I covered the inside of the case 
so it wasn't to plain.
Used the mighty hot glue gun 
to glue down the board.


First time cutting the foam, I have a little tip to share with ya!

You want to position the foam to where it is not close to the rollers on the edge. The rollers will leave an indent in the foam. 

Here is a video showing how to do it!

Have a great day!

April 30, 2015

Buster is home!

Hi Everyone!
I repeat, Buster is home :)

He had his surgery and the doc said he was a champ! 
(we already knew that)

He is a little sleepy, but doing really well!

Right there is the world's greatest dog!

They flushed his kidneys while he was sedated, so they had to shave his arm.

Here is where the nasty tumor WAS. Also where he his hair used to be :)

The after. With about 10 or so stitches.

He goes back in two weeks for more shots and to see how the stitches are doing. Hubby is going to pick up a cone on the way home, so he can't get to the area while we are sleeping.

Thank you all so much for your support & prayers!
You guys are the best

Many many hugs, 

April 28, 2015

Update on Buster

Hi everyone,
Well, the doc just called with the results from Buster's blood work. He said everything looked good. His thyroid is fine, sugar levels are fine. The one thing that was elevated was his Kidneys. But, he said he can have the surgery. Yahoo! (now the real nerves settle in)

He said while he is sedated, he is going to flush out his kidneys.

Cost of surgery: $350.00
Cost of Kidney Flush: $100.00
Cost of a happy & healthy Buster: Priceless!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers, we all really do appreciate them.

Many hugs, Stacy

April 27, 2015

Prayers For Buster

Hi Everyone ~ Happy Monday To You~

I know that this is not Cricut related, and I am sorry! It is about our dog Buster!

He has a tumor on his side, (it is actually coming out of his 10th nipple). It is big and infected.
Hubby took him to the vet on Saturday and the vet confirmed it was a tumor and HAS to be removed with surgery. Ugh, I am a nervous wreck about it.

Here is Buster in the car with daddy on the way to the vet!

He got weighed (73 pounds), had blood work done, got a few shots and got some medicine. The blood work results we get tomorrow (April 28th) to see if he is okay to have the surgery. If all goes good, he is scheduled to have it on Wednesday. He will stay overnight (nervous wreck again) and come home Thursday!.

I just ask all of my friends to keep Buster in your prayers, that the blood work will be okay and that he can have the surgery. I will keep you all updated.

Thanks so much
Many many hugs, Stacy

April 21, 2015

Cricut Explore One!!

Hi Everyone, Happy Tuesday To Ya ~

I hope all of you are doing good. Have you heard there is a new Cricut Explore machine, Yep, it is true. It is called the Cricut Explore One.

It's like the other Explore machines in many ways!

Internet required for Design Space
It prints and cuts
Has cut smart technology
Has the custom dial settings
Can be wireless with Adaptor (sold separately)
Compatible with the iPad

There will be an adaptor available later to use markers with this machine. 

Stay tuned for my review of this machine!

Hope you all have a great day!<

April 14, 2015

Make It Now Succulent Card

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday To you!

Today I am sharing a Make It Now card using the Cricut Explore and Design Space.

This is called the Succulent Card. (although mine is not so succulent LOL). It is also a Print then Cut card, because the flowers are printed.

While this was fun, I sure did make some boo boos. As you can see by the photo, my text is crooked, and I have glue globs everywhere. I used the Stampin' Up! 2 Way Glue Pen, great glue unless like me, you use to much :)

The colors of card stock I used were Soft Suede for the base of the card, Crumb Cake for the strip, and Sahara Sand for the lettering. Again all Stampin' Up!

The flowers printed really well. You can even see the detail on each of them. (I used our new Canon Pixma MX922)

You can see my disastrous video here:

Hope you have a great day! ~ Hugs, Stacy ~

April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

Hi Everyone ~ Happy Friday To You ~

TodayI am sharing a really cute Easter basket made with Design Space.
Appropriate since Easter is this Sunday!
My oh my this year seems to be flying by. The basket is from the cartridge Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2 (which is included in the monthly subscription through ($9.99 per month) You can see all the cartridges included in the plan HERE. You can also subscribe HERE.

How cute right? It measures about 4 x 4 when you use 2 12 x 12 pieces of card stock. I think this is perfect for the little ones to carry around at an Easter Egg Hunt. They expand a little bit as well. Of course, you want to use a good quality card stock (such as Stampin' Up!) which you can purchase from me here.

Here is the video showing how easy this basket is:

Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend, and a fabulous Easter Sunday!
Thank you all so much for your support
Many hugs, Stacy

March 13, 2015

Gable Box With Heart Cutout

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday To You

I hope you all are doing well!

Today I am sharing a super fun and easy box made with the Cricut Design Space. The box image is from the Tags Bags Boxes & More 2 cartridge, this is a free cart if you have the monthly subscription.

I made this the Stampin' Up! Kraft Card Stock, you can find that HERE. It is neutral and very durable and great for boxes. I left mine plain, but you can certainly jazz it up by stamping or inking around the edges.

For the heart cutout, I cut up a cello bag to use for the window. I made a tag with the heart that was cut away, tied it into a bow and hung it on the side of the box. Great for a tag!

I wrote the phrase "I love you" using the DonJuan font (another free one), and the had the machine draw it out using the silver marker that came with the Explore. You can add whatever text you would like here, I just thought it went well with the heart. (plus it is for my hubby)

Here is a side view of the box showing the tag all tied up with a pretty bow, using the Stampin' Up! Linen Thread. I inked around the edges, so it would not get lost on the box.

You can see the video HERE ON YOUTUBE or below:

February 25, 2015

I Pad App Issues

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday To You

I received an email from Cricut yesterday regarding passwords for the I Pad App.

Here is the email:

We discovered a bud with iPad app which does not allow passwords that contain certain special characters. That's why some customers say they can login to the web version but not the iPad app.
Our plan is to fix the bug with the iPad app so all characters will be allowed. Since Apple will need to approve our changes, we don't yet have a timeframe for this fix. I don't yet have a list of which special characters are to blame. 

To fix this, you can go to and login the way you always do, then change that password to one that does not contain any special characters, then hopefully you will be able to login in with iPad app.

Hope this helps
Hugs, Stacy

February 23, 2015

General Cricut Chat

Hi everyone,
I had been asked a lot of questions regarding the new Design Space 2.0 as well as the Cricut Explore Air machine. So, I thought I would answer them all here in a video for you!

So, grab a cup of coffee (or drink of your choice) and join me!

Hope you all have a great day!
Hugs, Stacy

February 19, 2015

Design Space Release Notes

Hi everyone,
I had received these notes from Cricut and got the okay to share them with all of you.

They are in a PDF file format so you can print or save to your computer.

Design Space Release Notes

Hope you all have a great day!

February 18, 2015

Wow, it has been awhile

Hi Everyone,
So sorry it has been so long since I posted anything here. Life just happened :)

The new Cricut Explore Air is here (well on HSN anyway)

Isn't it pretty? I love the blue color of it. 
A little bit of info about the new machine: this comes right from the Cricut website:

Go from inspiration to creation with Cricut Explore Air (and Cricut Design Space), the most advanced electronic cutting machine for DIY enthusiasts. This system features embedded Bluetooth technology for wireless cutting. Use your desktop computer, laptop, or iPad with the new Cricut Design Space iPad® app.

For this to work with your computer, your computer needs to have Bluetooth. I love the wireless ability and being able to put it anywhere you want without being tethered to the computer.  It does come with a USB cord, so you can still attach it to your computer and cut away!

Have you heard about the new Design Space 2.0?
It is awesome!!!

Here are some screen shots:

I love how clean the software looks and it is very user friendly.

Did I mention that the new Air machine works with the Ipad. Yep, there is an app for that.

Look in your Apple Store for the app.

Here are some differences though between the app and the web version.

Below is a list from Cricut of the known differences between the Ipad App and the Designs Space 2.0 Web version as of Feb 17, 2015.

Upload image is NOT available in Ipad App.
Hid Contour is NOT available in Ipad App.
Print then Cut is NOT available in Ipad App.
Set canvas is NOT available in Ipad App.
System font selection is much smaller in Ipad App.
Snap alignment is NOT available in Web Version.
Appearance differences include: score lines, grid lines and bounding box.

You can see all of the new features in the video below :)

Well what do you think? I really do like all of the changes.

Did I mention that the new Air machine works with the Ipad. Yep, there is an app for that.

Look in your Apple Store for the app.

Here are some differences though between the app and the web version.

Way to go Cricut!!