February 25, 2015

I Pad App Issues

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday To You

I received an email from Cricut yesterday regarding passwords for the I Pad App.

Here is the email:

We discovered a bud with iPad app which does not allow passwords that contain certain special characters. That's why some customers say they can login to the web version but not the iPad app.
Our plan is to fix the bug with the iPad app so all characters will be allowed. Since Apple will need to approve our changes, we don't yet have a timeframe for this fix. I don't yet have a list of which special characters are to blame. 

To fix this, you can go to cricut.com and login the way you always do, then change that password to one that does not contain any special characters, then hopefully you will be able to login in with iPad app.

Hope this helps
Hugs, Stacy


  1. Very interesting well thank goodness mine is A OK but it's great that the problem will be resolved for those affect by this.....and thank you Stacy for taking care of your followers.
    One good thing is that it is resolvable in an easy manor...and everyone will be able to enjoy their I Pad AP as it is so awesome and fun. YOU ROCK~~

  2. Hi Joan,
    Happy to hear you don't have this problem. Yes, it is an easy fix for sure. Cricut is doing good.
    Hugs, Stacy