September 19, 2014

Football Favor Boxes

Hi Everyone

~Happy Friday To You~

Who's ready for some football? At our house we are always ready! I am a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and the hubby, well sad to say he is a St. Louis Rams fan. You can laugh, I do all of the time. He always seems to root for the underdog. lol

At least, neither of us are Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans, they got crushed last night against the Atlanta Falcons. Final score was 56-14 OUCH!!

OK, lets talk treats or treat boxes. This a Make It Now project, a really cute one by the way. It only takes one piece of card stock, so it is also inexpensive.

OK, so you are not into football! No big deal, you can make these anyway you want.

  • Change out the stripe for snowflakes, for a a Christmas Box.
  • Put school images on the box for a fun gift for the teacher.
  • Use religious symbols for Church friends.
  • Weld a shape into it, put acetate behind it and a battery operated candle.
As you can see there a ton of ways you can use these boxes. The most important part, is have fun!

Hope you all have a great weekend
Many many hugs,

September 18, 2014

Paper Pumpkins

Hi Everyone

~Happy Thursday To You~

Today I am sharing some really cute paper pumpkins. These are so fun and really easy. These would also be great for the little ones to get involved in. They can choose the papers, or even use plain paper and have them draw on them, so they can have their own personalized paper pumpkin.

I think these would also be really pretty done in different sizes and use them as a centerpiece at the Thanksgiving table OR do them smaller and have them be the place settings. Another option would be to use Christmas paper and use them as paper ornaments. You get the idea, lots of things you can do with these!

Here is the file for them and here is the video. I sized them at 4 inches. If you want to change the size, just highlight them, right click, select detatch and then change to the size you want. Be sure to go back to the top tool bar, hit select all and then go to the layers panel and click on attach. That way you can fit them on one sheet of paper.

Hope you all have a great day!
Many many hugs,

September 16, 2014

Printable Vinyl and Sticker Paper

Hi Everyone

~Happy Tuesday To You~

I hope all of you are having a fabulous day!  Today I decided to play around with the new Printable Vinyl and Printable Sticker Paper from Cricut. This will be available to purchase once the Print then Cut feature goes live (week of September 22 2014)

The Printable Vinyl is really thin, almost like contact paper. But worked really well. I had the dial set to vinyl on the machine and cut away.

For the Printable Sticker Paper, this is much thicker, like a heavy card stock. On the machine I had the dial set to card stock and it cut out with the perfect kiss cut.

I can myself having fun these 2 products.

Big congrats to Cricut for the awesome Print then Cut and more fun goodies

You can see the video here!

I hope you all have a great day
Many many hugs,

September 15, 2014

Big News

Hi everyone

~Happy Monday To You~

Have you heard the news? No, when them let me fill ya in :)

The Print then Cut feature with the Cricut Design Space and Cricut Explore is going to be LIVE next week. I know, I too am jumping up and down in excitement. I did do a short video sharing what it looks like now, and there are more to come.

I still want to focus on the "regular" Explore videos as well, not just the print then cut, hope you all don't mind.

Also new fun products

Printable sticker paper and printable vinyl paper. These will retail for $9.99 per pack and will be available with launch

You can also see the video here on YouTube.

Hope you all have a great day
Many many hugs,

September 11, 2014

Holiday Blocks

Hi Everyone

~Happy Thursday To You~

I hope all of you are doing well. Today I am sharing a Holiday Block project with you. These are all over Pinterest and I thought how fun and probably easy would it be for us to make our own, right?

So I came up with these.

My wood was just a 2 x 4 cut in half lengthwise. Then my oh so wonderful husband cut them down into smaller pieces for me.

The sides and bottom are 2 x 6. the two small ones are 2 x 2 and the other one is 2 x 3. Of course you can make yours whatever size you would like. You can even have your local lumber store cut them down for you :)

After they were cut, I sanded them, then wipe off and extra dust with a cloth. Then I did 2 coats of paint. Just plain acrylic paint from Walmart. I also sanded some of the paint down to give it the not so new look. We used the Explore for the lettering, I cut that from Georgia Pacific card stock, again from Walmart.

I made my own modpodge by using two parts school glue to one part water.We applied that first on the front of the block and added our letters and another coat of modpodge. Once that was dry, I did three more coats of modpodge on all of the side, so the entire block would be sealed.

Once dry, I added a little ribbon to the center block just for a little pizzazz.

Here is the file and here is the video.

Hope you all enjoy and ave a great day
Many many hugs,

September 9, 2014

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone

~Happy Monday To You~

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Today's project is super simple but still so cute! I wanted to make a quick Halloween card for my grandson. I used the Create A Critter 2 cartridge, which is included in the Design Space Subscription Plan.

I also used Action Wobbles to make the ghost look like it was flying! I forget where I got mine at as it has been a few years, but I did find some places that you can now find them (Your welcome)

Joann's       Walmart      Amazon

Is he not the cutest ghost ever? I think Jcee will get a kick out of him and really enjoy this card! I also did some faux stitching around the card and also on the hat using a silver metallic gel pen

OK, the sizes.

The ghost was 2.85 W x 3.83 H, the Phrase (Boo) was 2.56 W x 1.23 H and the Pumpkin Border (inside) was 3.58 W x 1.75 H

Here is the file and here is the video

September 6, 2014

Party Invitation

Hi Everyone

~Happy Friday To You~

Today I have a fun project for you. We are playing around with some markers :)

How cute and fun is this invitation? Adorable right?

Now, let's make it! All of the images I used are included in the subscription plan.

For the Envelope, I used the Creative Everyday Cards cartridge, envelope # M4CF5D
Sized at 6.52 W x 9.82 H

I then grabbed a square from Home Accents # M44DC6 sized at 4.5 W x 4.14 H
Copy that and make this one smaller by about 1/4 inch.

Lined Paper came from Simply Charmed # M4CF5D

The elements for the envelope all came from the cart Birthday Bash
Hat item # M3A0A6
Candle item # M3DE92
Present item # M44CA4
Balloon item # M394C7
Scallop item # M3A450

Here is the how to video   and   here is the file.

Hope you enjoy
Many many hugs,

PS. Have a great weekend

September 1, 2014

Custom Coupon Book

Hi Everyone
~Happy Monday and Happy September~

Today we are doing another Make It Now project. We are making a custom coupon book for the little ones. I love this idea. It is a great way to "help" them have a good day by offering a little reward :)
Of course, you can put in as many coupons as you like, I just did 6. You can also customize them to fit whatever age of the child (or adult) you are going to give them to.

Isn't that adorable? You can find the file for this design HERE

You can see the how to video HERE Hope you all have a great day
Many many hugs,