September 11, 2014

Holiday Blocks

Hi Everyone

~Happy Thursday To You~

I hope all of you are doing well. Today I am sharing a Holiday Block project with you. These are all over Pinterest and I thought how fun and probably easy would it be for us to make our own, right?

So I came up with these.

My wood was just a 2 x 4 cut in half lengthwise. Then my oh so wonderful husband cut them down into smaller pieces for me.

The sides and bottom are 2 x 6. the two small ones are 2 x 2 and the other one is 2 x 3. Of course you can make yours whatever size you would like. You can even have your local lumber store cut them down for you :)

After they were cut, I sanded them, then wipe off and extra dust with a cloth. Then I did 2 coats of paint. Just plain acrylic paint from Walmart. I also sanded some of the paint down to give it the not so new look. We used the Explore for the lettering, I cut that from Georgia Pacific card stock, again from Walmart.

I made my own modpodge by using two parts school glue to one part water.We applied that first on the front of the block and added our letters and another coat of modpodge. Once that was dry, I did three more coats of modpodge on all of the side, so the entire block would be sealed.

Once dry, I added a little ribbon to the center block just for a little pizzazz.

Here is the file and here is the video.

Hope you all enjoy and ave a great day
Many many hugs,

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