September 6, 2014

Party Invitation

Hi Everyone

~Happy Friday To You~

Today I have a fun project for you. We are playing around with some markers :)

How cute and fun is this invitation? Adorable right?

Now, let's make it! All of the images I used are included in the subscription plan.

For the Envelope, I used the Creative Everyday Cards cartridge, envelope # M4CF5D
Sized at 6.52 W x 9.82 H

I then grabbed a square from Home Accents # M44DC6 sized at 4.5 W x 4.14 H
Copy that and make this one smaller by about 1/4 inch.

Lined Paper came from Simply Charmed # M4CF5D

The elements for the envelope all came from the cart Birthday Bash
Hat item # M3A0A6
Candle item # M3DE92
Present item # M44CA4
Balloon item # M394C7
Scallop item # M3A450

Here is the how to video   and   here is the file.

Hope you enjoy
Many many hugs,

PS. Have a great weekend

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  1. Stacy. I love your YouTube channel. You are so good at what you do. I was wondering if you can possibly help with some invitations that I want to do . I was wondering if you can give me your email address to message you a picture of the invitation i want to make using the cricut.

    Please and Thank you.

    Love your work.