September 18, 2014

Paper Pumpkins

Hi Everyone

~Happy Thursday To You~

Today I am sharing some really cute paper pumpkins. These are so fun and really easy. These would also be great for the little ones to get involved in. They can choose the papers, or even use plain paper and have them draw on them, so they can have their own personalized paper pumpkin.

I think these would also be really pretty done in different sizes and use them as a centerpiece at the Thanksgiving table OR do them smaller and have them be the place settings. Another option would be to use Christmas paper and use them as paper ornaments. You get the idea, lots of things you can do with these!

Here is the file for them and here is the video. I sized them at 4 inches. If you want to change the size, just highlight them, right click, select detatch and then change to the size you want. Be sure to go back to the top tool bar, hit select all and then go to the layers panel and click on attach. That way you can fit them on one sheet of paper.

Hope you all have a great day!
Many many hugs,

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