April 30, 2015

Buster is home!

Hi Everyone!
I repeat, Buster is home :)

He had his surgery and the doc said he was a champ! 
(we already knew that)

He is a little sleepy, but doing really well!

Right there is the world's greatest dog!

They flushed his kidneys while he was sedated, so they had to shave his arm.

Here is where the nasty tumor WAS. Also where he his hair used to be :)

The after. With about 10 or so stitches.

He goes back in two weeks for more shots and to see how the stitches are doing. Hubby is going to pick up a cone on the way home, so he can't get to the area while we are sleeping.

Thank you all so much for your support & prayers!
You guys are the best

Many many hugs, 


  1. YAY WOOT YAY Love your little Stacy Girl doin' the Happy Dance....OH YES!!!!
    Buster is such cutie. Great New for sure!!! Was so glad to hear that all went well and
    I know Buster will be a pampered pup.....totally cool. Take good care and be awaiting
    updates....and more Buster Share notes and videos. Hey Buster Proud of You!!!!

  2. happy for buster and for you guys. and yes, your stick figure is super cute.