August 5, 2014

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Hi everyone
~Happy Tuesday To You~

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted here. So sorry! Anyway, a few weeks ago I did a box using this cartridge. I made it small and did not decorate it, and I was asked to do it again but make it larger and decorate it.

So, here is my box. This box is called "Box with handle" in the images.

I did not make a file for this, but I did do a video so you can follow along.
You can find that here!

As mentioned in the video I used Stampin' Up! paper and card stock and other Stampin' Up! supplies. If you do not have a demonstrator I would love to be yours
You can find me at

Many many hugs,

Now a little fun, this is what happens when I create.


  1. Don't feel bad Stacy, this is how my room looks every time I start any project large or small. We are not messy just being creative LOL. Thanks for all you do. Liz :)

  2. I watched a TH Video and he crafts messy too....and said that he can't figure out how people craft super tidy & I agree whenever I scrapbook and I'm finished with the LO it looks like a tornado went yep there's no way it can look tidy while crafting......not when you're using tons of stuff....Your space is so cute and I really like the holder you have with your heat gun that's so cool. Thanks for sharing the pic it's not something all the gals do and it's too bad 'cause it just affirms that this is what happens then I just clean it up and get ready for the next LO. YOU ROCK!!

    1. Hi Joan,
      Yes, my space gets very messy when I am crafting, I can't help it. LOL I do try to clean it up though once I am done, but other times, it can stay messy for days. That is why I have a door in my craft room. LOL
      Hugs, Stacy